John Young: A Climate Conversation

Working with young people from Jigsaw (Theatre in the Quarter, Chester) and residents at Muir Group Sheltered Accommodation, Chester

This is an extract from a piece written by John Young inspired by workshops the director held with groups of older and younger people in Chester. The perspectives of two generations were given a voice in this conversation between two people. It was read at Once a Desert in Chester Cathedral and at sites around the Rows in March 2022.

ONE: Maybe it’s evolution. 

TWO: Evolution?

ONE: A process. The way things are meant to be.

TWO: We’ve taken and taken and taken and there comes a point where you can’t take anymore. Eventually things run out, burn and disappear.

ONE: And what happens then? 

TWO: Well we don’t know.

ONE: We don’t know because it hasn’t happened yet.

TWO: Yeah. So, we don’t actually know what’s going to happen?

ONE: Not really, no.

TWO: That’s pretty scary isn’t it.

ONE: Yeah! It’s not great.

TWO: Well, surely it’s not going to happen anytime soon?

ONE: It’s going to happen quicker than you think.

TWO: How quick?

ONE: Whilst we’re here probably. 

TWO: Here?

ONE: Yeahhh.

TWO: Now?

ONE: Yeahh.

ONE: The problem is we sit around talking about change but no one really cares. It’s distraction. We moan about the government and people in charge but we have to take the lead. Make the change ourselves.

TWO: I mean the world is pretty special.

ONE: Pretty special. It’s incredible. It’s a gift.

TWO: I guess we’re lucky really, aren’t we?

ONE: Yeah. That’s why we should be looking after it!

TWO: OK, and when should we start? 

ONE: About a hundred years ago?

A picture of John Young and residents of Muir Sheltered Housing in Chester
John Young and Residents of Muir Group Housing Association Sheltered Accommodation, Chester

John Young is a theatre maker based in Chester. He trained on the National Theatre Director’s course and has directed a wide range of community projects and professional productions across the UK.