Neuza Morais: The Missing Building

Created with children and families from Lache Primary School & St. Clare’s Catholic Primary School in Lache; Grosvenor Park Academy

What’s the one building that’s missing in Chester? Architect Neuza Morais asked primary school children this question, supplying them with boxes of creative materials along with a potted history of various buildings and structures in Chester. They were asked to create their missing building. The results were incredibly creative and thought-provoking.

The children’s models were displayed at the University of Chester’s CASC gallery alongside the children’s own written interpretations of their buildings. Neuza has since returned to the schools involved to offer ‘technical drawing’ workshops to show the children how architectural skills can help progress their ideas to reality.

The Missing Building examines the role of architecture in society, engaging and involving communities in the process of rethinking their city, challenging the role of the architect and empowering people. Architectural democracy in action.

Personally, I think Chester is missing something to view the city from up high. I also wanted to make a building that gives people somewhere to enjoy nature, all year, even when the weather is bad. My Missing Building makes an indoor space in Grosvenor Park and lets people of all ages go up in the trees to see Chester from a different view. It’s an all year round weather garden.” Emily